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UsdFarm.top - FAQ
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Play To Earn Real Money



Question: How to start playing?
Answer: After registering for the project, you go to the 'MY EARNINGS' section, Buy at least one bee and collect your winnings increasing every second. The higher the level of your bee, and the more bees you have, the more profit you will make.

Question: Can I start playing without investment?
Answer: Yes you can! You can earn money from sections such as daily bonuses, tasks, rewards, quest, bounty, surfing/ptc. But in order to withdraw money you must have invested at least $1 and bought a bee..

Question: How can I top up my balance?
Answer: You can top up your balance in the “Top up balance” section.

Question: How can I withdraw money from the project?
Answer: You can withdraw your earnings in the “Withdraw” section.

Question: How can I use the bonuses I earned?
Answer: Bonuses work automatically and actively provide you with earnings as if you purchased bees.
You don't need to do anything.

Question: Where can I see the bees I purchased?
Answer: There is currently no system where you can see your active bees.
The bees you purchase earn you money directly and you can withdraw from the My Earnings page.
The more bees you buy, the faster you will see your earnings increase.
You can view statistical information on my earnings page.

Question: How else can i earn money in the project, besides replenishment?
Answer: You can earn in several ways:
1. Receive a daily bonus.
2. Invite friends to the game and receive your %30 of their deposits.
and You also get a share of the earnings your friends you invite make
from activities such as Surf/Ptc, Shortlink, Task,
3. By participating in the referral and Investor competition
4. Surf/Ptc, Shortlink, Task, Quest. etc.

Question: How many levels are there in your referral system?
Answer: Our project has a 30% referral system. You can find out more detailed information in the "REFERRAL" section.

Question: How can I attract referrals?
Answer: You need to send your referral link, which you can find in the Your section referrals, your friends, colleagues, or use promotional platforms.

Question: What are the advantages of users who attract many referrals?
Answer: The more referrals you have, the more profit you make.

If you still have questions, please contact our technical support!

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